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Fire Extinguisher

Most small fires can be handled without incident if personnel are equipped and trained with the right tools and information to respond when such emergencies arise.  This course is designed to provide you with that knowledge to respond if and when a fire may happen.

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Fork Lift Training

Class I/ Class II/ Class III/ Class IV/ Class V/ Class VII

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Emergency First Aid

In this one-day course, students will learn to recognize and provide interventions for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives. The Emergency First Aid course is geared towards educating citizens about the prevention of emergencies and how to react to an emergency should one arise.

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Elevated Work Platforms

The Aerial Man-Lift Course includes:

  • Reasons for Training
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Identify Hazards
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Safe fueling Procedures
  • Shut-Down Procedures
  • Written Test
  • Practical Evaluation
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Excavator Training

Our equipment operator training certification for excavators consists of classroom theory, a written test and practical hands on experience. Delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussion, the course content is then reinforced through workbooks and supplementary handouts follow by practical time and evaluation on machines.

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Lock Out/Tag Out

The lockout/tag out program is the main method recommended and used for worker protection in cases where non-routine activities are performed such as repair, maintenance require the removal of guarding devices and barrier guards.

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Power Pallet Truck

A professional video/ power point presentation, integrated with an inter-active series of questions, designed to encourage student participation, followed by a (10) question written review.

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Supervisor Due Diligence

Supervisors play a critical role in workplace health and safety.  This course helps employers, managers and supervisors to understand what their role and legal duties are and what it means to be duly diligent.  Help improve workplace health and safety, avoid fines and penalties and demonstrate due diligence by ensuring you receive proper supervisory training.

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Transportation Dangerous Goods

A person is adequately trained if the person has a sound knowledge of all the topics listed that relate directly to the person’s duties and to the dangerous goods the person is expected to handle, offer for transport or transport.

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Skid Steer Training Classes

This skid steer training program is designed to provide machine operators with a solid foundation in:

  • Health & Safety Standards
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Proper Procedures for Safe Operation
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Working at Heights-Construction

As of April 15, 2015, workers on construction projects using travel restraints, fall restricting and arrest systems, safety nets and work belts or safety belts must be trained. This course meets the requirements outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (297/13) for Working at Heights Training on Construction Projects.

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“We had training provided by Alternative Safety Solutions and it was great. The instructor was knowledgeable and kept our employees engaged. Many of our employees feedback was that they were happy how the training was conducted and related to their jobs. I would recommend Alternative Safety Solutions to others!”

Nadia Saunders

“Instructor was wonderful and made the class fun while learning, which keeps you interested”

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“Amazing course, gets you involved and doing what is required in a real situation”

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“Casual environment, broke the tension from role playing”

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“Very friendly and personable instructor, communicated clearly and managed to hold everyone’s attention”

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