Lock Out/Tag Out Safety Training Course

In-Class Theory Based Program

What the Lock Out Course Covers:

The lockout/tag out program is the main method recommended and used for worker protection in cases where non-routine activities are performed such as repair, maintenance require the removal of guarding devices and barrier guards. Lockout/tag out method provides alternative options for safety that protect the workers from increased risk of injury when safety devices are removed to allow for these non routine activities.

Course Objectives

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Explain definitions associated with lockout/tag out
  • Identify the elements of a hazardous energy control program
  • Basic steps to follow to locking or tagging out a system
  • Identify proper lockout devices and processes
  • Review other methods that exist to control hazardous energy

Duration 2.5 Hours

Lock Out Training

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