Working at Heights Training & Certification for the Construction Industry in Ontario

In-Class Theory Based Training Program

Our Working at Heights Training Covers:

  • CPO Approved Course
  • Principles of Fall Protection
  • Full Day – 8 Hours

Course Overview

As of April 15, 2015, workers on construction projects using travel restraints, fall restricting and arrest systems, safety nets and work belts or safety belts must be trained to received ‘Working at Heights’ certification. Our Working at Heights course meets the requirements outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (297/13) for Working at Heights Training on Construction Projects.

Part One: Basic Theory

  • Rights & Responsibilities.
  • Identification of the Hazards of Working At Heights.
  • Elimination or Control of Hazards.
  • Ladders and Similar Equipment.
  • Warning Methods and Physical Barriers.
  • Intro to Personal Fall Protection Equipment.
  • How to Know if Your Existing Working at Heights Certification is Still Valid.
  • Learn About Recertification Period and Working at Heights Certification Expiry Timelines.

Part Two: Practical Equipment

  • Barriers & other fixed equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points
  • Work Access Equipment & Platforms
  • Rescue Planning

Maximum 12 Participants. Larger groups may be arranged, up to 24 with 2 Instructors.

  • CPO Approved
  • Duration: 4 hours

Course Overview

This course is for workers who wish to maintain their Working At Heights Certification and meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Awareness Training Regulation (297/13) for Working at Heights on Construction Projects.

Working at Heights Ontario – Course Outline

  • Barriers and Other Fixed Equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points
  • Work Access Equipment & Platforms
  • Rescue Planning
  • Practical Evaluations

Maximum 12 participants per course. Larger groups up to 24 may be arranged and requires 2 Instructors.

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