Supervisor Due Diligence

In-Class Theory Based Program

What the Supervisor Due Diligence Course Will Cover

Course Description

Supervisors play a critical role in workplace health and safety.  This course helps employers, managers and supervisors to understand what their role and legal duties are and what it means to be duly diligent.  Help improve workplace health and safety, avoid fines and penalties and demonstrate due diligence by ensuring you receive proper supervisory training.

This course has been designed to meet and exceed the equivalency guideline of the Ontario’s Ministry of Labour’s mandatory health and safety awareness program for supervisors.

Topics include

Supervisor duties as defined in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, Supervisors as a role model and leader of health and safety. Definition of a “competent person”

Upon completion, you will be able to:

Understand your duties as defined in the Act and how these duties link with employer and worker duties. Learn about the rights of workers and be able to explain how supervisors support these rights. Identify how you can contribute to making the workplace healthy and safe. List sources of information about health and safety. Learn the importance of being a role model and leader of health and safety in the workplace.

Target audience

This program is directed to employers, managers, supervisors and those who direct the work of others.  It is ideal for:

  • New supervisors who need to develop their awareness and understanding of and leadership in workplace health and safety. Experienced supervisors who want to improve their understanding of and leadership in workplace health and safety.

Delivery method

This 2 hour, instructor-led course is delivered at a public classroom and can
also be delivered at an on-site location.

Program Description

Workers are often promoted to a supervisory position because of their high-quality work and experience. This program gives provincially regulated workers the training they need to become effective supervisors.

Participants will learn how to fulfil their role as a supervisor and about their responsibilities under Ontario law to manage health and safety in the workplace. Once they understand what to do, the program then gives them the tools to meet their health and safety responsibilities and ensure a productive workplace.

Program Content

1. Legal Responsibilities

Participants will learn how to:

  • Locate and cite sections in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and applicable regulations
  • Identify the duties of a constructor, employer, supervisor, and workers as detailed in the OHSA.

2. Elements of Supervising

Participants will learn how to integrate health and safety into the supervisor’s daily activities of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling work.

3. Supervisor Safety Tasks

Participants will learn how to perform the duties of a supervisor by:

  • Communicating hazard information through safety talks and worker orientations
  • Monitoring health and safety activities through formal workplace inspections
  • Investigating incidents and determine the immediate and underlying causes
  • Enforcing health and safety rules
  • Documenting workplace activities in a log book.

Learning Evaluation

To obtain a certificate of completion for this program, participants must be in attendance for the entire program and pass a written multiple-choice test. To pass, participants must achieve an overall grade of 75% and correctly answer 10 selected questions.

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors—especially those who have never received any training in supervisory skills or in their health and safety responsibilities under Ontario law.

Important Notice

The Basics of Supervising Training Program will help prepare supervisors to perform their health and safety duties competently. However, after completing the training, the employer is responsible for validating a supervisor’s health and safety competency. Additional training in workplace-specific hazards and the regulations that apply to those hazards may be required.

Supervisor Due Diligence Training Fees Cost

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